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  • Updated on 02 Jul 2018
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General Settings

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You can customize Document360 to match the look and feel of your organization. You can provide your company logo and change the colour theme of the knowledge base to reflect your brand identity.

Within Document360, you can create multiple knowledge base websites for each of your customers or your products. You can customize each website with logo, favicon, colour theme, CSS and JavaScript features to make them look unique to the customer/product.

Customize your knowledge base's appearance

To change the branding of your knowledge base, you need to navigate to Settings > Appearance > General.

Set up the logo for your knowledge base

You can replace the default "YourLogo" that displays in the top left of the page by uploading your logo.


Alternatively, if you want to simply have a text instead of logo, you can enter the text. (E.g., ACME). When you enter the text, this is how it will be displayed in the landing page.

Text in Logo.jpg

Accepted file formats
The accepted file formats are JPEG and PNG.

Set up company website URL

You can also provide the URL to your company page. When someone clicks the logo/text, they will be navigated to the URL.

Text and URL in logo.jpg

You can provide the URL for both the logo and the text format.

Set up favicon

Favicon (also known as favourite icon) is a small icon (usually 16x16 pixels) used by web browsers to identify your website. The favicon will appear on the top left of the address bar of the browser. The favicon will also be visible in the list of bookmarks in web browsers and feed aggregators.


Fav icon size
You can upload images of any size and we'll take care of resizing it to the actual size of the favicon.

Here's how the favicon will be displayed on the landing page —

Favicon Landing Page.jpg

Set up colour theme

Once you have added the logo and favicon to your knowledge base website, you have the option to add the colour theme to your knowledge base portal. You can define the primary colour and secondary colour for your knowledge base. You can either enter the HEX code or select from the colour palette.

Primary Secondary Colour Selection.jpg

Once you apply the primary and secondary colour, click Save. When you visit the landing page/documentation portal, you will see the actual colour theme. The primary colour will be visible on the top bar and logo text, while the secondary colour will be visible in the drop down and when you hover on the button.

Primary Secondary Colour.jpg

Once you have made the settings, click Save to apply the setting.

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