Creating a project
  • 15 Apr 2020
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Creating a project

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You've got an account! Now it's time to create a project.

A project is a container for your articles, categories and subcategories, site home page, project members, and any custom configurations and settings.

To create a project

  1. Log in to Document360 with your account to access the Project Manager.

    If you are already logged in and in a different project, click the Document360 icon at the top of the project dashboard navbar. This will redirect you to the Projects Manager.

    Projects Manager

  2. Click New Project

  3. Enter your:

    • Project name

    • Subdomain

      For example, if a company called Babel was creating a knowledge base for their software they might choose:

      Project name: Babel


      You can't change your subdomain after the project has been created. Be sure to check that your subdomain is accurate and free of errors before creating the project.
  4. Click next.

  5. Choose to edit your documentation in Markdown mode or What You See Is What You Get Mode.

    Editor Choice
    After you set up your project, you can change the editor for the project in the Project Settings menu.
  6. Upload a logo or simply input the company name, either will display on the project card. Change the primary and secondary colors using the color picker or a hex code.

  7. Select Public or Private access for your knowledge base.

    Site Access
    You can change your site access to public or private after the project is created in the Project Settings menu.
  8. Click Create.

    Custom domains
    During the trial, your project will be hosted under However, you can choose a custom domain with any of our paid plans.
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