How Document360 is different
  • Updated on 13 Aug 2019
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How Document360 is different

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Document360 offers a number of different features that mean users can produce documentation in a way that fits their workflow. You don't have to adapt to ill-fitting software solutions, since Document360 meets your needs.

The problem with knowledge base software

Knowledge base software has traditionally been offered as an add-on product to a flagship software solution. This solution has most frequently been help desk software. This comes with a number of drawbacks. Help desk solutions mainly focus on the help desk ticketing system, while the knowledge base is an extra function with limited features.

In response to this trend, a number of dedicated knowledge base solutions emerged. There are knowledge base tools available in the market that focus only on product documentation, but each product comes has benefits and drawbacks. Often, the drawbacks have outweighed the benefits of investing in these solutions.

Some of the most common problems we personally faced with different types of knowledge base platforms are:

  • Lack of support for authoring in Markdown
  • Lack of proper versioning at project and at article level
  • No ability to support documentation for multiple product versions
  • No backup/restore mechanism
  • No capabilities for Article Redirection
  • No internal and external commenting capabilities for articles
  • Lack of support for multi-authoring workflows

The problem Document360 solves

With Document360, we aimed to solve the frustrations we faced with other documentation products. We aimed to build Document360 as a world-class product that makes it seamless for document writers to author and publish the product documentation.

Here are just some of the features that make Document360 stand out:

  • Markdown editor – Document360 uses a full featured Markdown editor. The live preview capability means you can view the published version of your documentation as you type.

  • Versioning – In Document360, you can create multiple live versions of either your knowledge base, or individual content pages. This feature enables you to document multiple releases of your software, for example.

  • Category Manager– Document360's flexible Category Manager allows you to organise your articles using drag-and-drop. This encourages your users to direct their own learning by exploring through the category structure.

  • Fast and intuitive search – Document360 uses Algolia to search your knowledge base. Powerful search in your documentation website means customers can quickly find the answers they're looking for and get back to being successful.

For more information about the features and capabilities in Document360, please expand the categories on the left menu.

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