Inviting or Adding SSO users
  • 17 Nov 2020
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Inviting or Adding SSO users

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After successfully configuring the Enterprise SSO (SAML or OpenID) with your project, you can start inviting previously added users or add new users as SSO users.

Adding a new SSO user

It is almost similar to Adding a regular Document360 user, with just one variation.


  1. Click on Settings, under Project Admin click on Team & Security
  2. In the Team members tab, click on the Add team member button
  3. Add the Email, in the Select the user type select SSO user
  4. Select the Role of the member you’re adding (Owner, Admin, Draft Writer, Editor, or any custom role you create)
  5. The Security Groups you can add if you have already setup role group with limited feature access in your project
  6. In Documentation Scope, you can provide user permission level (project, version, category) for distinct roles
  7. Finally click on Add button at the bottom, the SSO user would be added to your project


In the list of Team members page, you can distinguish your SSO users with the yellow SSO user tag next to the name.


Inviting an existing user as a SSO user

Let's say you have a bunch of existing normal users added your project. You have recently configured the Enterprise SSO feature and you wish to add some or all of the existing team members as SSO users. Here's how you go about it.


The process is similar irrespective of the SSO (SAML or OpenID) you have configured

  1. Click on Settings, under Tools select the Enterprise SSO option
  2. In the configured SSO (SAML or OpenID) you can find the Invite existing users section
  3. You can either select Invite all team members or select Pick and invite
  4. If you select Pick and invite, you can select the members and click on Invite button


Once a team member has been added, they will receive an invitation email with a temporary password. Once their email is verified, the team member will be able to log in. The invitation email will expire after 5 days and must be resent.

Removing an SSO user

  1. Click on Settings, under Project Admin click on Team & Security
  2. In the Team members tab, you can find the list of Team members in your project
  3. The SSO users would be distinguished with a yellow label marked as SSO user
  4. Select the Delete (trash icon) and select Yes in the confirmation
  5. If the user was a regular user before SSO, then the user would still be a part of the project unless removed again as a normal user
  6. If the user was added as a SSO user, then the member would be permanently removed from the project
  7. You can also choose the Edit option to change roles and permissions of the user
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