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What is a Landing Page?

  • Updated on 27 Sep 2018
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Landing page is the first page that users will see when they access the user website. You can think of the landing page as an introduction page with the links to different sections in the documentation, important links to your company details, and so on.

Document360 allows users to configure the look and feel of the landing page. Say, if your corporate website is www.acme.com and you want to replicate the same look and feel for your documentation. You can take the power of Document360 and configure the landing page similar to your corporate branding.

What should be done on your Landing Page?

Proper Branding

Having your Knowledge Base look and feel like as similar as possible to your own main site makes the process of moving your customers across seamless

Ensure you have enough links for customers to contact you (using the Call-to-action) buttons [It may be used when the user does not find what they’re looking for on the Knowledge Base] or links to important areas of your main site to draw their attention. You can also have Footer links for various social media.


In the next article, we will take a real example and show how you can customize your landing page.

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