What is a Project?
  • Updated on 22 Oct 2018
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What is a Project?

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A project is a logical container that contains group of articles arranged under relevant categories and sub-categories and with relevant settings for your software product.

You can create a project for a software, say ACME, as acme.document360.io. Within the project, you can organize your articles into multiple categories and sub-categories. If you are a partner or a consulting company, you can create individual projects for each of your customers and maintain the documentation with ease.

Create a Project
You first need to create a project in Document360 in order to be able to write your documentation.

Creating a project in Document360

If you are logging in for the first time into Document360, you will be prompted to create a new project. You need to provide the project name, sub-domain name, and upload a logo image/add logo text. The sub-domain name will be automatically populated with the name entered in the project name field. You can choose to retain the same name or change the value.

Fields that cannot be edited
You cannot edit the project name and sub-domain name once you have created the project.

Create Project.jpg

The created project will be displayed on the dashboard as shown below —

Document360 Project dashboard.jpg

Trial Plan Limit
If you are in the trial plan, you will be able to create only one project. You will see an error message asking to upgrade your subscription to be able to add more projects.

Deleting a project from Document360

Depending on your pricing tier, there may be situations when you want to delete your project from Document360. To delete the project —

  1. Click the project that you want to delete from the dashboard
  2. Navigate to Settings. In the Project General Settings section, click the Delete Project button.
  3. Enter the sub-domain name of the project in the space provided. Only upon successful validation, you will be able to click the Delete button to delete the project.

Delete Project.jpg

Once the project is deleted, you can create a new project based on your requirement.

Cloning a project in Document360

If you need to create another new project with same settings and configuration of an existing project then you can clone the desire project. Cloning the project will take copy of source project and create one seperate project.

Clone project Option is available only for paid Project


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