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What is Category Manager?

  • Updated on 10 Oct 2018
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Document360 users can organize their documentation into a category hierarchy structure — which can go upto six-levels

  • Category
    • Sub-Category
      • Article

What is a Category and Sub-Category?

Category works like a folder that contains a group of related content. Based on your requirement, you can create a sub-category within a category. Categories and sub-categories provide a clean structure for the documentation.

Category and Sub-Category levels
You can create upto 6 levels of sub-categories and sub-sub-categories within a category

For example, you can create "Settings" as your Category, and "Project Settings", "Documentation Settings", "Appearance Settings", "Custom CSS/JavaScript Settings" as your Sub-Categories.

Category Manager.png

Under the Category/Sub-Category, you can create the Articles.

Category Manager - Articles under category.png

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